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                                                                              Sodium Sulfide

Sodium Sulfide is  yellow or red flakes, soluble water, presenting strong alkaline solution, easily oxidized when exposed to air, poison.  It is used in Leather or tanning for removing hair from hides and skins, and also widely used in pigment and rubber industry.


● Moisture absorption,soluble in water,insoluble in ether, slightly soluble in ethanol

● Separate from acids, metals, oxidants

● Contact with acid liberates toxic gas.

● Fine dust/air mixtures are explosive

● Corrosive and toxic


Apperance Yellow Flakes
Na2S content (%) 60.32
Na2SO3 0.28
Na2S2O3 1.12
Na2CO3 0.68
Fe 0.0016
Water Insoluble (%) 0.04
Specific Gravity     (g/cm3) 1.86
PH Value 12
Melting point(℃) 950 ℃


● textile industry as a bleaching

● Leather or tanning for removing hair

● sulfur dye additives

● pulp and paper industry

● water treatment

● photographic industry 

● treatment of conductive layer

● Used as a corrosion inhibitor

● A raw material for sodium thiosulfate

● Used in metal smelting


25kg multi-layer paper-PE bag, 500kg and 1000kg PP bag